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tendol98983 months ago
JazmineGwapa4 months ago
Thanks for the chapter ☺️
ggiza8 months ago
obrigada pelo capítulo 😘❤️😘
ExTerra10 months ago
Huh? On previous chapter, LuoLuo is 230th, how come now 270th?
MoonWhisperer10 months ago
Thank you for spotting that. We will check the raw and fix it asap.
snaky9 months ago
I'm already accustomed to that messing with numbers and ranks, as if the author often forgets what had been writtenn before.
ggiza8 months ago
isso é verdade, ele vive se confundindo, cada hora ele diz uma coisa hahahahahaa
Leksa8 months ago
У автора явный склероз,он часто забывает то на каком уровне сила персонажей,то на каком месте и прочие числа
smuchmeonthecheek1 year ago
Thanks for the update. Love from Jamaica 💕💕
Phoenix_Rein1 year ago
Thank you for the updates 🤗🤗🤗
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