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Cey5 days ago
Es Cey
Phoenix_Rein1 week ago
Thank you 🤗🤗🤗
MoonWhisperer1 week ago
<3 Yw~ Enjoy~
Cey1 week ago
Thank you for your hard work! About the recruitment notice: I'm interested in working as an English editor, however, I've never done it before. Maybe I could try?
MoonWhisperer1 week ago
You can take a small test. Do you have a discord? Did you join our Discord server yet? :)
Cey1 week ago
MoonWhisperer, Hello! I got my discord account! I'm ready to take the test. =)
MoonWhisperer6 days ago
What's your Discord name? :)
Cey6 days ago
Es Cey
MoonWhisperer5 days ago
Please join our Discord server first, so we will be able to find and send you more details easier. Thank you~
WhiteWolf2 weeks ago
Thanks for all your work and the constant new chapters.😊
MoonWhisperer1 week ago
Thank you for being reader as well. <3
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