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Ripvanwinkle1115 months ago
Didn't dismantle the rabbit at all. That means he cooked the UNCLEANED intestines and organs too. That's some serious hand waving. Read more
whimsical_sloth11 months ago
why does author always like to have a naive and loser weeb as their MC on their novel
MrTrixer2 years ago
I like the naive thinking part but that rabbit (or rabitt? Is it mispelled on purpose by the author?) Should taste terrible with all that fur and especially the blood that was coagulating inside the body. Yuck! (Food)Poison resistance gained? . Read more But im a little confused about the fire, why did he put it out like that? He could have cooked more rabbits and store them for later, he could have baked some of his fruits and the fire could provide light and heat until it died out by itself during the night. Even in most games a lit fire would scare away animals from your camping space, i guess he didnt play that many games over the years. :P . Thank you for the chapter and the treat! (^_^)/ Show less
Yodathethinker1 year ago
Now what if it the mc took the fur off
Lone Cat10 months ago
yea burnt fur of any animal will smell terrible, much more with those dripping blood when taken out from the box, they have stinky smell as well. and meat thrown to the fire won't be cooked well on any sides if it isn't rolled over
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