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xIkigaix1 year ago
If she told me that she was able to paint, cook, and dance at the same time I wouldn't even be surprised.
bhiedhie1 year ago
she was very talented to begin with, because she learned all those things before she transmigrated if you recalled the previous chapters. ?
danysj262 years ago
gracias por él capitulo, deseo que Xiao Li haga él antidoto tan apestoso que dure 10 años jajaja
Ethereal Rainbow Canvas2 years ago
Thanks for the chapter! What a comedy, lol.
winterkaguya2 years ago
In case Bai Ning Yuan marries and having children, he'd better let the wife or someone else name the kids. I guess he is just not good in that department! Hahahaha!!
danysj262 years ago
jajaja!!, en primera quien sabe si se pueda casar recuerda que él en si mismo es veneno, lastima soltero y casto de por vida ???
ContesaRubia2 years ago
Totally agree, with this because those names are hilarious.
Brights1 year ago
he'd probably name the poor kid 哎呀
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