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winterkaguya2 months ago
Thanks for updating Jen!!
DanielRichards2 months ago
Me estresa mucho lo inĂștil que es su padre en el manejo de su casa
humbledaisy2 months ago
Thanks for translating this chapter. Nice to see a revenge that hurts pride rather than the body. Let's save that for when it's really needed.
Kailee152 months ago
thanks for the chapter!!!
Ethereal Rainbow Canvas2 months ago
Thanks for the chapter!
Lilpriestess2 months ago
I will take what ever you will translate. Another of my favorite translations does 1 chapter every 2 weeks to a month. The wait is worth it. Thank you for continuing to translate this!!
arsora2 months ago
wil we get chapter more often ini this month
Jenmini2 months ago
Depends, I still need to prioritizes jobs that help pay my bills after all. Gotta support myself first. If I'm able to translate full time without having to worry about anything, I would.
arsora2 months ago
either way thank you for your hardwork, goodluck
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