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lory_alanano@yahoo.com2 months ago
try and check; i got to read the next chapters.
Celtyin2 months ago
I tried going there as you recommended. The chapters stop at the same place as this site?
lory_alanano@yahoo.com2 months ago
I'm sorry I was wrong. ?
Erah992 months ago
Author came back pleaseee????
Erah992 months ago
Author came back pleaseee????
Eve2 months ago
Has this novel been dropped?
danysj262 months ago
Gracias por el cap, y a la espera de mas caps????
kttn3 months ago
Are there going to be more updates? Please reply
Foxie3 months ago
does it stop and no more uploading? wish to know ...
Celtyin3 months ago
Did the TL switch upload sites again?
humbledaisy3 months ago
I'd like to know as well!
Erah993 months ago
Update please???
Arianwenn963 months ago
When will the new chapter be uploaded ??
ythiachen4 months ago
Please update soon
EmmaWu4 months ago
Please update..?? I wait long enough.. Beg you.. ??
poojajs4 months ago
Has this novel been dropped. Why are there no updates for so long?
humbledaisy4 months ago
Gu always sound really gross - glad she solved this.
arsora4 months ago
thanks as always
Ethereal Rainbow Canvas4 months ago
Thanks for the chapter!
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