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Chubbybee1 year ago
I just love the friendship that is formed in this novel. Compared to other novels, mostly FML only trusted maids and subordinates and only very few have girl friends and this intimate interaction they dont have between females. I love how these 5 girls interact and having girl power
xIkigaix1 year ago
I just want to see how they manage to get Xiao Li yanked into the competition
Meinara1 year ago
Bff.. ?
jjdynasty1 year ago
Thanks for chapter!
Celtyin1 year ago
Thank you so very much for starting this back up again! *bows in reverence*
Erah991 year ago
Thanks for chapter
winterkaguya1 year ago
Hahaha! The girls are so cute together! Its like highschool meeting for them huh?? Looking forward to the competition! Thanks for updating Jen!!~
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