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Lucas22 hours ago
Ty solo
Solo14 hours ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Lucas! (^ ^)
braindead3 weeks ago
Thanks Solo, and now I have one more series that will make me question what will/has happened to our FL(assuming she is) making me go read the WN lol making my list ever so longer xD
Solo3 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, braindead! Haha. Well, I'd say that you prob won't regret reading the WN. It is more in depth and you have a better feel of what the characters are thinking.
Currently Offline4 weeks ago
I'm forced to question her loyalty, whether its all an act or if its truly circumstance that makes her fight by his side. Thankyou for translating Solo :)
Solo4 weeks ago
Thanks for reading and commenting, Currently Offline! Yeah, I really liked how the artist put those panels in there to really raise doubt as to the truth behind her words. It lets us know that there's definitely more to her story
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