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kawaii1234563 months ago
I'm beginning to believe that dying of anger in Chinese novels is a real thing.
Avatara2 months ago
I've already died and gotten revived in a couple chapters, that father of hers is unbelievable.
WinterWolf2 weeks ago
This, I've read others that brought me close to death.. But thanks to this dad, I've died multiple times and wasted so many reincarnations.
dee228 months ago
Sigh...I just dont wanna see what crazy thing will happen next. this man I cant wait until he feels a waterfall or plan crash dose of reality hit him so bad
Wolvan8 months ago
Who want to bet 3rd brother just asked him to sell his daughter (I’m talking about marriage or some other service, not as a slave)
Onyo8 months ago
I hate Ning Family
FoxReader825510 months ago
Ughhh when will they be reborn the father and son duo are starting to get on my nerves seriously, there's a difference between simple minded and STUPID!
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