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HarleyQuinn4 months ago
Ah I see now that's different vie it's a mum not the daughter.. nice
wookraeth1 year ago
Weird that all of the RAW version I could find on the internet messed up around chapter 28 until the end.
wookraeth1 year ago
This novel looks interesting and different from others I dunno if its because of my cheap humor sense or what but imagining everyone getting shocked when Mother Ning acted out of the ordinary gave me a long laugh XD Off to a good start! (and thanks for your hardwork *winks*) Read more Read more -Wook, a tea person Show less
Isakki Kani1 year ago
Interesting......🤔 Waiting for more 🤓 & Thank you for the translation ☺☺☺ Read more
Janeblonde1 year ago
Ooh, what an interesting novel concept! I’m really looking forward to this one. Thank you for translating!
White Sky1 year ago
Thanks for reading!
Reireireirei1 year ago
XD fun~~ go kill em mommmmaaaa!!! X< Slap em!! Torture emm!!! Peel of their skinn!!! Rub salt on their now skinless fleshhhh!!! X<
White Sky1 year ago
Now now Rei be gentle. Your sadistic side is showing. XD
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