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Zeoy E'cl Alice Vivian7 months ago
Welp.. Im speechless.. Brother Ning pitted their whole family this time. Im so fck#n frustrated at him!! Why did he not reborn earlier!? So freakin annoying!!!
socialk1 year ago
Her brother is hopeless. When is he going to reset?
dee221 year ago
I second that!
kawaii12345611 months ago
I don't know I'd have beaten Ning Qing long ago. None of these complicated putting schemes seem viable
Sekstifire3 months ago
I keep wondering about what I read in the novel description. It says that after he's reborn he starts reading books? Which makes it seem like he's going to become a scholar once he's reborn?? Tbh I think one of the previous translator comments makes sense, and it would be more plausible if upon rebirth he decided to save Ning Nuan by seducing Chu Fei himself.
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