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trowabarton14552 years ago
Relax, people. There's no need to be calling out names. The author has made it abundantly clear that the MC is a 32+ year old herbivore and has no interest in romance/sex. No way he will get married.. For a long time, probably. That's just how this LN is. The author is a big fan of that ball-less MC trope.
sinenomine2 years ago
Still being a pathetic dickhead huh Trowa? Go read some shitty harem or something since you're having so much trouble getting off.
FAiBani2 years ago
so question the Translator mentioned there are what 3 chaps left on what that book and there is a Break and then it resumes? How can that Story end at the Start, there was basicly nothing happend besides a Prolouge so far. Now it can kick off into Kingdombuilding, wars , assasination, magic stuff, and the whole world Arriving in the future Read more
Freezgig1456782 years ago
500 dollars it's Mira since it's her on the book covers with him.
DonSKun2 years ago
Don't know man, there also that one princess. Besides, Fujiwara keep choosing camel over flower. And if that really happen, I'll try my best to digitally punch the author in the face (ง'̀-'́)ง
Faenum2 years ago
Freaking catherine
nightrider962 years ago
Haha, oh please no
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