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SnowyGT5 months ago
Wait a sec if she died a human does it mean that our mic is now something like a god
SnowyGT5 months ago
Damnnnnnn de feels
Naimax5 months ago
Thank You soo much first novel that I read Till the end
sinenomine7 months ago
Better than I expected. It took an interesting direction, it's too bad it was cut short.
terror1009 months ago
the last chapter is nice and is nice detailed, now i wish the whole was like this
Sagehills9 months ago
Thank you for sticking to this novel until the end! We really appreciate your effort.
takatoki1689 months ago
Thank you for translate this till the end
Jon_189 months ago
Not going to lie, this ending is clearly just a hurriedly made ending for the story, pretty disappointed with it.
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