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Singularity1 year ago
This guy keeps getting on my nerves with all of the purchases I mean a chair, magazine, movie and snacks? He thought for a long time and i thought he could come up with a simple plan idk? Look around first thing first?? Or think of how to raise more funds? But he just went and wasted the money
Nikita1 year ago
stupid this guy is so stupid the first thing when building a town is you look for a source of water. because if you're far from water you lack in water in your Farms, Transportation a whole bunch of s*** !and you don't want to put your sewage into the water because then you lose a viable food source. you dig a pit you have this whole Magic thing you could build a freaking septic tank what are you doing?
Seronis2 years ago
The Wall shouldnt be a modern era construction as stone walls existed. Author overcharged 12 billion yen
FoxReader29032 years ago
It says 4 times because being in the edo period makes everything cost 100x more. My thoughts immediately went to "so he has about 4x the lifetime earnings of an average salaryman" because I converted 100B-->1B=4x250M
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