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Nikita3 weeks ago
stupid this guy is so stupid the first thing when building a town is you look for a source of water. because if you're far from water you lack in water in your Farms, Transportation a whole bunch of s*** !and you don't want to put your sewage into the water because then you lose a viable food source. you dig a pit you have this whole Magic thing you could build a freaking septic tank what are you doing?
Seronis3 months ago
The Wall shouldnt be a modern era construction as stone walls existed. Author overcharged 12 billion yen
FoxReader290310 months ago
It says 4 times because being in the edo period makes everything cost 100x more. My thoughts immediately went to "so he has about 4x the lifetime earnings of an average salaryman" because I converted 100B-->1B=4x250M
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