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Singularity1 year ago
Thank you for the new chapter
trowabarton14552 years ago
Now that he has a new outlook, hopefully he learns to stop being a herbivore virgin at 28 years old and gets himself a wife.
Angel3 years ago
Wow a new chapter!! amazing :D Btw, maybe he can try to find a mine using metal Detector and also find a hot spring ahahahaha :D Thx for the chapter ^^ Read more
HypnoticNovels3 years ago
Whoa didn’t expect to see this for a few months ;P I’m just joking XD. Thanks for the chapter m8! ?
Sagehills3 years ago
Thanks for writing this chapter so soon!
S4ty43 years ago
Thanks for the new chapter
ILLuMiNaTe3 years ago
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