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FAiBani2 years ago
he gives her 5 jars of pepper to transport wheat and be on lookout when he bought his whole land with is titel for 3 jars -.-
??Sherminator??2 years ago
So who is the creator of this because I would like to consult with him and maybe make him change a few things. I know the MC is a pussy but come on there is a limit to how fucking stupid he can be. He has the ability to make a town currently which he has yet to do at his new location. He could at least set one up in the woods or something away from prying eyes. He could declare his independence form the kingdom and set up a fort and then protect what he has. There is so much potential here but it is going to waste.
FoxReader14262 years ago
Let's understand that the guy is japanese which the race known for being pacifist. Dude that's how they think of Human lives were precious and should not be taken for granted
FoxReader22012 years ago
Well be a Japanese is not the same as be spineless. I guess the MC was just lazy and complacent to the point of never had fought for nothing in his previous life.
CountryMage2 years ago
Eh, was this a different chapter a month ago? He did create a new town in the woods of his territory. It was the first thing he did, before visiting the rundown Lord's Manor.
Korsbaek2 years ago
Dam the MC has 0 will or courage heck he is so bad he even think about giving up when he has the tech so many generations ahead of the canon he could simply just destroy them and massacre the enemy army in a very short amount of time heck the Japanese general would surrender if the mc drow a few tanks on to the field simply because of what they represent
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