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ShinyDawn4 months ago
This is one of the lengthiest novels Im gonna read, so thank you for Translating this. (*v*)
Butterfly5731 year ago
Read this almost 2,3 years ago...then couldn't wait for the translation and completed the here as a #rr for this amazing novel❤❤❤
meowmeowmeowmeow1 year ago
i am here to re-read this masterpiece... i stopped at the dwarf arc i guess if it was an arc and i just decided to re read this whole thing *insert inaudible noises*
YueXie1 year ago
this novel is presuccessor to genius doctor black bellied young miss
Ara~1 year ago
And here we are again..... Lets get started #rr❤️❤️
Nikitaxo2 years ago
My long and arduous year and a half of waiting has finally bore fruit! There are not many chapters left until it's complete! *Shrieks* mso happy that you guys didn't drop this, thank you so much!!
PichiPichi1 year ago
ikr!!! few more chapters to go!!
Winter2 years ago
So far so good. Looking forward to this story :)
FoxReader51662 years ago
PanickingMe2 years ago
Can i just say that i forgot the name of this novel and now i finally found it!
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