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CristinaC11 months ago
I think it was immature of her to start building yet another city before she even upgraded her current team. All these would have come to light sooner,but she really underestimated how time consuming the paperwork for a city Lord could be. And soon it will double. But she's still the only one who knows all her assets, her allies and her enemies. How could one person keep on top of building n cities and developing their manpower ?
Sailon9 months ago
She ha alot of people helpung managing the city like uncle jiu the mercenary the qi xia and the other phantom and about military power has the demons, is just in this competition she dont what to reveal that she has higher demons
YueXie7 months ago
She provoked broken star palace so she was in a hurry to try to boost her standing
Fluffy4 months ago
She simply doesn’t have that much time... her opponent has been stand for longer time and she has to reduce their gap.. And she is not a god.. (even though her progress is rlly amazing)
Oash191 year ago
?Plot armour please do your magic?
Samnayel1 year ago
It's okay little xiao you're already doing really great
Xiao Ling1 year ago
Ay, can't they just realize that the girl is a super coil spring? I can only burn an incense stick for these poor Twilight City suckers.
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