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CristinaC1 year ago
Well, it is true she isn't purely human. She seems to have elf blood and I'm assuming the blood of the gods too. Otherwise, how could her puny elf-human body house a God's tyrannical soul? Her tiny body would simply explode. Theoretically, at least. It depends on the author whether they bend logic just for their plot.
PichiPichi1 year ago
I agree.. seems like SYX is a mutant with elf and a god.
YueXie9 months ago
She is part human but what about qia Xia? Progress? Not human
heherosie6 months ago
i agree. i also think shen siyu is a god, if he really is then why else would he care so deeply for SYX. oh my gosh i’m so excited for the seventh seal to be undone and Xiu to become physical again.
Hope58361 year ago
AAAAH!! At last!
Ri//1 year ago
Beat him up!! Little Xiao
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