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Evee_the_reader2 months ago
is it only me or does someone else have a thing for the madness shown my qi xia *rawr*
Hope58361 year ago
Rin—1 year ago
Ah, Qi Xia. I can't. Shameless, just shameless! ?
kaoru1 year ago
do they apply no-killing policy or something? because I somehow feel like the five animals are still kinda holding back... li xiaowei can just tell his beast to eat the enemies... second stage professional should taste good, no?
kyaa_muffin1 year ago
Wait, so does this mean that when the 5 animals die, their clans will no longer have a mythological beast to their name? Idk how their ancestors would feel about this blood pact
Chicken1 year ago
Yeah... I assume they can break the contract when they're old and dying but it certainly doesn't say that.
Alliecatsrule1 year ago
I think the beast will live but will end up with thier power greatly reduced, like the VB. If I guess correctly then that's what would happen if the person died of natural causes... I'm not 100% sure tho that's just my guess.
Evee_the_reader2 months ago
i have a theory now as to how VB got his strength depleted he must have formed a blood pact with the previous master and when the master was dying he forcefully broke the contract and thus saving the VB but Read more reducing it's strength Show less
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