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Little Chun2 weeks ago
@CarlosX Idk man, isn't their actions already a violation of the Four Nations Agreement? It was a deliberate conspiracy in my eyes but i guess the author can make it so Elder Wen's shitty acting can suffice. Even then I still think she should have at least scared them.
CarlosX1 month ago
People in the comment section wondering why Luo Fan was spared here, think about it more clearly, he's currently here as the representative of the Magical Fantasy City/Lan Yue Dynasty, killing him there in front of Elder Wen is a terrible idea, and would be a violation of the Four Nations Agreement.
heherosie6 months ago
miss girl coulda easily kilt luo fan in under ten seconds by getting little feng to do it and she didnt....this girl is so stupid today istg. she can kill jiayi bc she doesn’t want more problems in the future but not luo fan??? it’s not like he’s the city lord anyways. this is making me so upset.
Wren_lily7 months ago
Oh Shen Yanxiao, don't make readers disappointed. I miss Jun Wu Xie's method, cunning and twisted.
YueXie9 months ago
At least Gu Ying actually escaped unlike this cannon fodder
Abrar Reza11 months ago
He means Get Lost, Squidward!😒
PichiPichi1 year ago
Why Lou Fan is still alive???!!!! Author, do you really need to give him an arc? He's just a cannon fodder.........
Hope58361 year ago
FoxReader56301 year ago
Just giving opportunity for more problems. When he runs away he will surely think "I already defeated him once, not worthy of my attention" (this has already happened) and forgetting the general context. ???
Elle1 year ago
That two fogey should all be killed and not left alone!!!
Elle1 year ago
That two fogey should all be killed and not left alone!!!
Ri//1 year ago
I say she should probably kill that luo fan secretly as well!! He is trouble??
Huangofall4beasts1 year ago
Did Shen Yanxiao actually even realized that she just exposed Lan Fengli to Luo Fan's eyes which means that he could tell Jun Mo that Lan Fengli could possibly be No. 2 ?? She could've just finished Luo Fan off though.
Samnayel1 year ago
Yup this is just asking for trouble
Estelle1 year ago
But she doesn't know about that... She doesn't know about Jun Mo or who the Warlocks are.
FoxReader56301 year ago
Truth. And she knows that she has a Great Summoner level wizard in the city Magic of fantasy (after all poisoned the water in her city) She should use witchcraft to spill the beans and then kill. Protagonist who has the ability to be stupid and intelligent at the same time.
CristinaC1 year ago
If she goes and kills him,how could we get more action and more plot twists? He has to live a few more chapters to antagonise and push the story further. As for logic and usual ways of reacting of SYX who always flatters herself with her intelligence and her pulling the grass from the roots, what is that even? Can it be eaten? Can it shine as bright as gold?
oh yikes1 year ago
smfhh she should've chopped that ugly Lang Yue Dynasty or smth's kiddo's head off. :(((
SpinelesS1 year ago
I know this time she's worried about her friends, but shouldn't a godly thief be stealing the storage rings of her victims? or is that too.... "bandity"? I suppose other than a lucky find of a random treasure, there isn't much she needs as she is already rich...
wolfy1 year ago
What?? She's not dragging that Luo Fan with her?? Sure she can't kill the elder right now, but Luo Fan shouldn't be a problem. Sigh...
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