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XxxVxxX6 months ago
The ruling God is on vacay lol 😆 visiting other planet 😂😂😂
YueXie7 months ago
Who is the ruling god then?
PichiPichi11 months ago
Devil god is still alive somewhere....
Pixy3 months ago a cup of Oolong tea.
Hope583611 months ago
:O :O Azura? God of war! Then why naming himself Xiu?
FoxReader84045 months ago
War god Ashura.... Ashura in chinese spelled as "Xiu Luo" Maybe the translator forgot to explain the meaning of the word Read more
Mabwii_1 year ago
Why do i feel that Ouyang is the devil god? ?
Pixy3 months ago
Me too. I’m wondering if he’s searching for an OP body to inhabit. Like an experimental one with lots of power.
Rin—1 year ago
Asura!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Rin—1 year ago
Asura!!! ❤️❤️❤️
Winter1 year ago
Maybe the devil god already escaped after those researchers freed Xiu's body from the black ice and is now working in secret to break the seal on the passage between this and his world. I would almost put money on the possibility that he possessed or is that dean of the holy roland school :') At least I would prefer that kinda plot over him taking over Xiu at some point. I really dislike plots where allies are possessed, hypnotized or brain washed into enemies... Read more
Hope583611 months ago
So why then he didnt want to kill SY? He should have sensed the existence of Xiu inside her?
heherosie5 months ago
if he did escape Xiu wouldn’t have devil power so that’s wrong but i wonder why the devil is docile.
Samnayel1 year ago
It would be epic if one day the devil Lord's soul inside Xiu awakens and he turns evil and then shen yanxiao will be the only one who can pull him back from the dark side???
Maria Chequita1 year ago
This a plot twist I can get with, lol
Elle1 year ago
Well, we all have this creative plot twist...
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