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Pixy5 months ago
Sounds like a great place to provide witness protection.
VitoriaHyral1 year ago
Espero que ela não esqueça de mostrar sua aparência como elfa
Sofi_Pez311 year ago
Jajajajaj es verdad
Blue_drop1 year ago
I'm wondering if she'll tell them about the warlocks and their experiments and so on... The road ahead her is very long and only with good friends can she make it alive...
kaoru1 year ago
it would be funny if she came back after several days ?
Elle1 year ago
Tang Nazhi seem to always have trouble drinking some water hahaha...
YueXie9 months ago
It is not tea?
Samnayel1 year ago
Don't worry shen yanxiao is also an elf???
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