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Minichan7 months ago
I thought elves were supposedly kinder. Are they kinder to human prisoners compare to their own kinds? Sometimes author, I wanna scolded you, ah. Ayo! Make up your mind!
Fairytail lover6368 months ago
Did it honestly never occur to these idiots that maybe the reason why she wasn't from a tribe at all is because perhaps a couple of elves fled the continent gave birth left her behind and came back
Fairytail lover6368 months ago
Course we all know that she's only a quarter part elf since her mom was half elf half human
YueXie7 months ago
No mixed blood is seen as a disgrace and what kind of elf would leave. That is putting cultivation on hold. No elf would do that for no reason
Hope583611 months ago
I thought Elves were noble beings? I see no difirence between them and humans
SpinelesS1 year ago
Way to make pretty people ugly Author :P
ReshaValentine1 year ago
It must be because of her seal. Maybe she will look more beautiful when the next layer is unsealed.
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