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Alliecatsrule1 month ago
No wonder the elf lady wasn't affected by pollution. I was wondering cause a pure lady "taken advantage of" would surely have dark emotions. Just like if she was the one who lied she would have negative emotions. The reason she was so pure was that it was a misunderstanding. She never harbored resentment. She just didn't snitch about what he really wanted (he'd possibly been in more trouble if she had)
Hope58361 month ago
Truth is out!
Foxyfet1 month ago
Rin—2 months ago
Ah, why are you making me cry.
bokuthoe2 months ago
Okay so stan Shen Jing like my heart aches for this cutie ?
Elianna3 months ago
My ❤ aches for him. Our girl will put everything right again. I too cannot wait for the reunion and to see what position he will take up in Rising Sun City. I think he will make major contributions there. Read more Grandma already knows she just needs to be least that is what I think. Show less
FoxReader53973 months ago
????????? why am i crying??? This is tooo much
FoxReader53973 months ago
????????? why am i crying??? This is tooo much
SaikiDesu3 months ago
Uncle ?????? He's a human but his characteristic is like an elf. So pure ??
Starfate3 months ago
so when is she gonna tell her Grandma who she is lol
Maria Chequita4 months ago
Damn, Shen Jing is loyal to the T, I can't wait for the family reunion.
SoftFeather5 months ago
He deserved to be the Vermillion Bird clan head , Yanxiao has her Rising Sun City only that Vermillion Bird already signed a contract with Yan Xiao
Xiao Ling6 months ago
wolfy11 months ago
I was so wrong!! Shen Jing, such a wholesome son.
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