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superchocolate411 week ago
D same thing ah now sayin, what a backside
wolfy1 month ago
This dragon has got to be the most stupid villain ever, or at least in the novel. Dude is so incompetent he doesn't realize he will have no dragons to lead.
Crissy1 month ago
I am sooooo anxious. Thank you!
FoxReader2583 months ago
This Long Yan... is a utter idiot... if you sell out the whole damn race, what’s gonna be left even if your plan works? He will be the last dragon left lol smh and does he really think he’s invincible? He himself can’t match all those dragons now let alone if they were turned into the undead... what a ambitious dumbass lmao
Momiji3 months ago
Ikr? Who would he rule over when there's none left? How stupid.. Even if he successfully recovers the decree and gain powers, wouldn't it all be just for naught? The dragon race would be no more.
Nona Xiao3 months ago
How he become a king if all the dragons died?
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