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FoxReader8991 week ago
I always have a though and hope iā€™m wrong but i think Ouyang is The Great God
FoxReader9011 week ago
that would be weird. i mean why would he combine species he's the lord god after all. he created gods and gives them new bodieees. i think ouyang would be a different god . but cool thought and you might be right. who knows lol
Akiaki1 week ago
I even have this crazy idea that the Lord God is actually Jun Wu Yao when he was still Ye Jue in his previous world,which is,this world.šŸ˜‚
yue0131 week ago
i thought ouyang was the child of a god and a devil? šŸ˜‚
FoxReader1301 week ago
ForestShadow1 week ago
Thanks for the hard work love the story ^_^
FoxReader2571 week ago
Bueno, por lo menos, no es como los principes humanos, que ellos solo tienen de titulo principe :v
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