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Mae2923 hours ago
the next layer of little xioer is unlock
NovelLover3 months ago
I feel that the lord of the undead brought all the undead back to their continent when he felt that the prince was going to be hurt or is that reaching too far
WorldGalaxy10 months ago
So Taotie didn’t appear because Death energy has no effect on him. But Xiu and Vermillion Bird don’t have that resistance so they got pushed out of Yanxiao’s body?
Estelle3 months ago
Makes a lot of sense!
Blanca21072 months ago
I concur **hits next quickly**
Blue_drop3 days ago
Good observation! Thank you, it makes more sense now!
Crissy10 months ago
Thank you!
FoxReader16310 months ago
Bapaknya taotie yang mengambil SY?
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