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Momiji2 months ago
Hope she doesn't stay here for too long, like something that would take up like 500+ chapters just to finish this arc, lol.
Sakura20kk2 months ago
I hope so I dont think I can stay without xiu that long
Samnayel4 months ago
I actually like this turn of event. Let's level up SYX!
Winter1 month ago
I think so too. It's actually interesting for her to figure things out for herself instead of having the answers readily presented.
bokuthoe3 weeks ago
I like this, too. She has to learn to depend on herself since Xiu isn’t gonna be there all the time.
ExTerra5 months ago
Oh wow.. her process with the dragon is so fast and this undead will be a long slow one.. Welp there goes my hope in her becoming mermaid first..
Sakura20kk2 months ago
How long does she stay without xiu?
Crissy10 months ago
Thank you!
FoxReader16310 months ago
Ternyata seperti itu
ForestShadow10 months ago
Thanks for the hard work love the story ^_^
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