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Fantom3 weeks ago
Hahahahaha Pure? hahahahahahaha Simple? You think the representitive of the human race and the demon lord is simple? hahahahahaha OMG I THINK I'M DYING OF LAUGHTER THAT MY STOMACH HURTS AND THERE ARE NO MORE TEARS IN MY EYES HAHAHAHA~!
GoddessZel3 months ago
"She liked being pure and simple..." *rolls eyes* Heck what pure and simple?
spring_goddess!!!*_*1 month ago
pure and simple is not in her dictionary *laughs out loud
Rizell20047 months ago
Oh Mr Dean! You really don't know what a "treasure" u picked up! ?
Wife8 months ago
Kekekeke ?
Margz278 months ago
Hahha cunning Shen Yanxiao
Crissy8 months ago
??? Thank you!
Asyuka8 months ago
sincere little mentor? ah.. well....
Yun Wu Xie8 months ago
Well she at least sincerely trains her little students
Zaraflora8 months ago
Thank you for chapter ❤️
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