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Bobochampion7 months ago
Do you think Yanxiao will challange Kehr now because he will try to protect Luoqiu?
Crissy7 months ago
Thank you! Why? Let her chop!
QueenQueen7 months ago
I wanted to see blood :(
Taoist_of_Hades ♠️6 months ago
What's the title of the manga/manhwa on your profile, may I know what it is?? I really like the art style... really do hope it's not an erotica or smthng?
Tales of Monochrome5 months ago
Taoist of Hades. It is not an erotic manga. It's called "Suddenly became a princess one day or Who made me a princess" .. Both names are correct...
LordDeArche7 months ago
Dammit Kehr, we know you're trying to keep the peace but our Shen Yanxiao shall not suffer any grievances!
Yun Wu Xie7 months ago
Thank you very much <3 By the way Kehr, why did you have to ruin the beautiful moment? ?
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