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Mamamooooooo7 months ago
Kudos to you Dean .. Before I want Kher to be a new partner i crime but for now .. I like Dean more..
Crissy7 months ago
Ya stupid Kher! If you hadn't rescued that asshole. She could have rendered that asshole concussions and win some pride in it. Humph!!! Thank you!
Bbskyfox7 months ago
Yes that stupid kher stupid kher stupid kher i hate him more than that bastard luoqiu at least luoqiu hate Our SYX & they are enemy for sure but this stupid moron kher he have a good relation with SYX but what is he doing??? urghhh
Estelle1 month ago
Do you guys have to be so harsh? He's just worried about them, you know. I don't think he's that bad of a person
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