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peerless_banana1 week ago
Poor Taotie... He's only just eating ah~😔 Why all troubles come to him😂
Drunk Lotus2 months ago
This reasoning is annoying. What, the first instance she realized there are other undead in the forest she couldn’t tell taotie to hide or something? Then what’s the point of having spiritual link??
thimon2k2 months ago
I agree. Sometimes in this novel, the plot is so lame. As you said, taoitie should just communicate SY. Idiot plot.
Sora3 months ago
Out of the frying pan and into the fire
Norykko6 months ago
Gracias ❤
Crissy7 months ago
Thank you!
Tsukiyo7 months ago
Blame your “gradually get stronger MC’s Halo” they attract troubles to you from time to time~
Seung Yohan7 months ago
Thank you for the chapters...???
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