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Norykko6 months ago
Gracias ❤
ssavilin7 months ago
This "human" is warm & soft.. And he calls you crispy bone snack?
FoxReader1637 months ago
Oh..saya sangat tersentuh
svtxcarat6 months ago
why are u talking like ure using google translate lol
Crissy7 months ago
Thank you!
Frostbutt7 months ago
How will they react when she leaves them out of nowhere
ZeroTsuki7 months ago
Oh, she will just take them with her... Our MC's own little army of swift undead... and whoever's shall oppose her, will be swiftly dealt with *cough* kidnapped *cough*... and brainwashed accordingly... hehe ???
Zaraflora7 months ago
I also don't think she will leave them there... She might take them to dragon's area!
Yun Wu Xie7 months ago
Still I can't wait for the moment when she tells them she's actually human. ... And a fairy and a dragon and also an undead and so on
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