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Dramaqueenlover4 months ago
Just a thought what if SYX is the lord God. And for some reason she travel to modern time powerless and no memory of her Goddess. Even after she returned the past which is why her body can fused with all the race perfectly and is able to change from 1 race to the other.
CristinaC8 months ago
I can tell SYX is in for a scolding. VB, the wifey, has some words to tell her about her constant disappearances and how she adopted yet another group of children.
Rin—9 months ago
Wuwu finally ???
Riger8210 months ago
Talk about bringing the nukes. Yeesh.
Samnayel1 year ago
Xiuuuu you're here!!!
Norykko1 year ago
Gracias ❤
FoxReader14181 year ago
Waaah Xiu! I mish youuuu
Crissy1 year ago
Thank you!
Zaraflora1 year ago
Aaaahhhhhh *excited scream* Xiu is coming!!!!
greyishbunny1 year ago
Thanks for the updates lovelies!
Seung Yohan1 year ago
Thank you for the chapters
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