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infinite_snow1 month ago
Pfft...!!! 'Poor spring roll prince!' he was definitely useful for the mc that he even become a poor slave
SoftFeather2 months ago
That's your master dumb Mingye 🤣
Yemona5 months ago
Well, usually an old fashioned pick up line shouldn't work so easily, but it should have a small chance of being able to get the lady. Here poor prince meets "Yan Di", so he had no chances at all.
Taoist_of_Hades ♠️6 months ago
"An old-fashioned pick up line" ?
Norykko6 months ago
Gracias ❤
Crissy6 months ago
Thank you!
Crissy6 months ago
Thank you!
greyishbunny6 months ago
Thanks for the updates lovelies!
Annisa98956 months ago
Oh, so Shen Yan Xiao's Undead appearance is looks like someone who needs be protected, huh? Are you kidding? I don't think so..
Asyuka6 months ago
sooo our SYX is good looking and attractive even as an undead? I see... xD
Zaraflora6 months ago
Thank you for the chapter ❤️
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