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Samnayel2 months ago
He didn't. He pulled Xiu's arm
Trishnoux2 months ago
Finally they met😒😒
thimon2k2 months ago
What a f* idiot.
imma_unicorn2 months ago
MoniqGin3 months ago
Star-crossed lovers
SpinelesS4 months ago
But it's fine for the dragon god to grab her?
Estelle1 month ago
The Dragon God did not touch her, he pulled Xiu back.
Royalty4 months ago
Sw??t moments Xiu is back
Norykko6 months ago
Gracias ❀
Zaraflora6 months ago
Oh wow.. this was quite intense.. I almost cried at that moment
Crissy6 months ago
Thank you!
Tsukiyo6 months ago
2019! This two updates really represents the years~ lol
svtxcarat6 months ago
after the whole novel is translated, do we have to pay for it? I hope not, cause i have read a lot of chinese novels but can't complete them due to lack of money I REALLY REALLY HOPE THIS WEBSITE WON'T DO IT ???
Apcha6 months ago
And thanks for the chapter ??
Apcha6 months ago
Can't waiting ???
Zaraflora6 months ago
Thank you for the chapter ❀️
Zaraflora6 months ago
Ohh no! Why is the title of this chapter so.... Making me curious! Is this what I was waiting for.... For so long ??
Feng Xue Er6 months ago
??? the tittle make my day..waiting for 13 hours to go faster
mechapanda6 months ago
How heartrending ?
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