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Zaraflora1 week ago
Oh wow.. this was quite intense.. I almost cried at that moment
Crissy1 week ago
Thank you!
Tsukiyo1 week ago
2019! This two updates really represents the years~ lol
svtxcarat1 week ago
after the whole novel is translated, do we have to pay for it? I hope not, cause i have read a lot of chinese novels but can't complete them due to lack of money I REALLY REALLY HOPE THIS WEBSITE WON'T DO IT 😭😭😭
Apcha1 week ago
And thanks for the chapter 🤗💯
Apcha1 week ago
Can't waiting 🔥🔥🔥
Zaraflora1 week ago
Thank you for the chapter ❤️
Zaraflora1 week ago
Ohh no! Why is the title of this chapter so.... Making me curious! Is this what I was waiting for.... For so long 🤔😍
Feng Xue Er1 week ago
😱😱😱 the tittle make my day..waiting for 13 hours to go faster
mechapanda1 week ago
How heartrending 😭
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