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Momiji2 weeks ago
Woah.. Such awesome skill SYX!
Norykko6 months ago
Zaraflora6 months ago
Wow.. this was quite shock..
Crissy6 months ago
Thank you!
Tsukiyo6 months ago
This was almost equivalent to transmigration??? Don’t you mean reincarnation?
mechapanda6 months ago
They were already dead and their souls had moved on, but she actually managed to bring them back to life with their souls and memories intact. Would it really be reincarnation if they were being brought back into their bone dragon forms? Normally reincarnation would signify being born into the age of a baby, no?
mechapanda6 months ago
wooah i was not expecting that
Zaraflora6 months ago
It's hard you know this kind of twist. I mean they are meeting after separating for the first time so both would have wanted to hug or something.. so sad they can now only look untill her seals are breaks.. but of xiu gets jealous now. ?
Zaraflora6 months ago
Waiting for the chapter ?
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