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FoxReader57081 week ago
Thats what u get for exhausting yourself right before a match
Chocopink7111 month ago
Thank you for the chapter ☺️
MoniqGin5 months ago
TheWickedBlaire5 months ago
I think there's one chapter missing. Chapter 2053 end with the lord of the undead came but in this chapter the RA has been beaten already by the FRS.
thimon2k3 months ago
Yep, i agree. Too abrupt change between the chapters.
Crissy7 months ago
Thank you!
Yue7 months ago
arigato for chapter
Yue7 months ago
22 hour... why?
mechapanda7 months ago
Because 2052 and 2053 just came an hour or two ago, it's two a day unless it's saturday night/sunday morning where i believe we get 3
dancinghulk7 months ago
patient, young grasshoppah!
Yue7 months ago
grasshopper or grasshoppah? what u mean?
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