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yorozuyaginchan1 week ago
That's why Fengling was angry that Zhanye stuck at his/her chest and apologized for it.
Iskandria1 week ago
The Ancestor knows she aint one of his. Didn't all undead originate from him?Guess there's some sort of connection between him and the other undead.
Asyuka1 week ago
oooohh i like this fengling guy
tsalien1 week ago
I think Fengling is a girl.
Iskandria1 week ago
Oh my god, I also suspect fengling is a girl.
Asyuka1 week ago
ok time to ship zhanye x fengling
Xylina1 week ago
Yes, yes, yes, yes I support this ship!
irislion271 week ago
jajajajaja pensé que era la única en creer que es niña
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