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Rin—2 weeks ago
Hmm why do we have to call two different flames as blue flame ? 1 — Blue Flame BSP used for douqi and magic transfer and now this ?
thimon2k4 months ago
Why doesnt she start with lesser metals, which the fire can handle instead of stubbornly insisting on using high grade metal that the fire cannot handle. What an arrogant stupid idiot mc.
Mara94 months ago
Why are you even reading this book if you hate the MC so much?? I've seen your irate comments on several chapters and I find it irrational.
Hanna3 months ago
@mara smh idk how you can get through 2000+ chapters just so you can moan 'n groan about it? /:
kyaa_muffin3 months ago
@hanna I think you're scolding the wrong person
Tsukiyo6 months ago
*also point to dragon god*
MorbidEel7 months ago
Another type of fire ... *points to Vermilion Bird*
spring_goddess!!!*_*3 months ago
that's what I was thinking
PanickingMe7 months ago
Thks for the chapter!
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