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ExTerra1 month ago
Radiant Continents.. The first continent she hesitated to steal and have to earn money earnestly..
persypoo1 month ago
SO I find myself wondering who counted 111 million gold coins? Do the dwarves have coinstar *snark*
McBold1 month ago
The chapters are way too short
SpinelesS1 month ago
Just curious, how come there are so few chapters locked behind Fox Shards when Patreon has 510 Advanced Chapters? Do the Translators make less from shards? or are chapters edited before entering this site?
mechapanda1 month ago
They got rid of the two chapter patreon tier for this story and moved it to the site using the advance chapters
Asyuka1 month ago
ohohoho SYX getting rich again! but this time not by stealing!
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