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XueYe2 weeks ago
Aiya, come come fellows. Broadcasting live from the Divine Lightning Skype Tower.... Hello fellow daoists, humans, fishes, cats, aliens, witches, immortals or demonic practitioners, my fellow managers and etc. Are you guys looking fir an all-around association? Or perhaps just a work? Or maybe a place to stay and fight to be the best in the world? Well don'cha worry for the Almighty Alienated Managerial Association is just the right place for you. We accept all kinds of beings, no gender or language barriers and we are just like any kind of sects and mercenaries. We produce missions, weapons, spirit veins, mana replenishments and so on. So what are you waiting for, only a few spots are left open. First ten to join can get 20% discount and free food-ah pui! I mean free Mountain Property with reach spirit veins.
samael5212 weeks ago
First has been claimed by the fish sect the cats will pay
McBold2 weeks ago
Come at us fishes mewhaha
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