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Annisa98951 week ago
I hope the another elemental spirits on kumu mountain can join Shen yanxiao grup.. in there still have 5 elemental spirits by the way.. the light elemental spirit, the ice elemental spirit, the Wood elemental spirit, the earth elemental spirit, and the water "bidiu" elemental spirit (ref : chapter 2.175)..
Mara96 hours ago
Me too!!! I've been hoping they'd turn up and become friendly enough to help 😟
samael5212 weeks ago
first for the fish sect the elderly of the cats have been turned into cartmens chilli for all of the rebelling slaves to dine upon
persypoo2 weeks ago
Eiwwww. Cat chili. Hard pass. Thanks for thinking of those lowly rebelling serfs, your profound fishiness.
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