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Crissy1 month ago
Azura Zephyr2 months ago
Hmm... I think this guy considers her as a family but cannot unfollow ouyang’s commands.... Xiao.. ask VB to hit his head and make him ur bro
Elianna1 month ago
I think so as well. He sees her as the only one like him therefore like a sister hence the hesitation. Think the last seal of the dwafs will be released and the next one opened. Just wonder which one it will be and hope it will not be the devil race so there will still be huggies and kisses ?
Yoona4 months ago
I mean 9*
Yoona4 months ago
Then suddenly a new seal unlocked and blow everyone away because of the impact.
Aisle-Away4 months ago
alien race wants to join the fray
GoldenFire4 months ago
What time is this updated?
m.yoonji134 months ago
Usually, they do the updates every 8am KST
Yoona4 months ago
Wasn't it 7AM KST?
Yoona4 months ago
I mean 9*
squishythecat4 months ago
is Mo Yuxun the body of Xui??
Tinushka4 months ago
No. He is another experimental body. If it was Xiu's body, that he must look like Xiu and then they will recognise it...
Aeternatrix4 months ago
Tempted to do that thing I did last time I noticed such vying for first...
samael5214 months ago
rebelling against the slave seal results in death beware for your lives will dwindle fast
McBold4 months ago
Oh ... We'll be reversing that situation soon ..... Mewhahahaha
Jing164 months ago
The cat sect took over the heaven and earth Mewhahahahaha
Sieqiii4 months ago
Once more for the glory of the cats ?
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