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Feng Xue Yue5 days ago
i wonder what would satan do if he found out he's been cheated
NovelLover075 days ago
I'm just excited for Xiu to regain his body. 🀧
FoxReader50885 days ago
And i'm excited for phantom to become gods
Ciana De La Tore5 days ago
I m excited for both😍😍😍
LarkaFell6 days ago
Boom! Fishy, Those Warlock are trully a handfull and I'm sure they don't realise they will be dead once there usefulness expire. Just like those fail experimental bodies.
Feng Xue Er6 days ago
Bom atom is in the making 🀀🀀🀀🀀🀀
Feng Xue Er6 days ago
Btw the wolf is here
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