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Beautiful_Nightmare4 days ago
Being the death God fit him more if his comrades died he has the power to snatch then bfor they could go to the neitherworld
Lunarose1 week ago
I really love this book thank you 😁
GrimRie1 week ago
I think Qi Xia would choose the killing God if he had a heart of a martyr so I was thinking if he did choose the killing God and during the war there's an unexpected circumstances that he needs to use all his power in order to save Shen Yanxiao. Then he would use it and after then end of the war his power would backlash at him and kabaam its either he'll be happy to die for world piece and for Shen yanxiao or he would survive and live a solitary life or just silently watch xiu and shen yanxiao living happily together
Lunarose1 week ago
Id love but hate this I'd cry
NovelLover071 week ago
I feel like someday Qi Xia would then turn to like try to snatch Yanxiao from Xiu. I do not hate that thought and I'm very much supportive. I like Qi Xia and Yanxiao more than Xiu and Yanxiao.
UN-known1 week ago
I’m not sure about that. He knows that Yanxiao loves Xiu and as a good friend, he wouldn’t want to ruin that.
Meh._._.meh1 week ago
@UN-known true.
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