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OvertSpitfire1 year ago
I don't understand why everyone's got to be all up in others business? Why compare yourselves to others, everyone learns at different levels and paces. Plus, nothing good comes from assumptions. Even the MC is being pretty arrogant right now. I know this cousin of hers did her wrong, but I still don't like her attitude. Confidence is good, but putting others down for mearly being a rank 5 is off putting.
jenniilex311 months ago
I think a lot of it is a cultural thing. Competitiveness is inherently a part of Chinese Culture and comparison between people is an aspect of that. Not to mention the characters are all fairly young at the monent and so I guess having a more immature personality would make sense. Pride and ego also play a part in this as well in relation to the Competitive natute of Chinese culture.
R3ader5 months ago
Welcome to the Chinese perspective.
FoxReader51662 years ago
It okay boy just just your back door and you will fly to heaven
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