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Hope58362 years ago
I like how they are all helping her out without pressureing her to tell them her secrts, or why she needs all that stuff :)
paqo88332 years ago
he doesn't want to prove into her secrets - what a joke.. author please be a little more honest.. that's all the qi xia guy has done so far.. probing her secrets and exposing them...
Fanathan182 years ago
You're being unnecessarily negative for no reason and are completely misunderstanding them. I seriously don't know how you're getting that vibe from them all.
Nikwigi2 years ago
We get it, you don't like him. Blame the author for leaving a couple plot holes (tho most can be explained) and move on.
FoxReader51812 years ago
Dude you’re literally entirely wrong I guess you’ve never had real friends?
Yoona2 years ago
Not everything can be proven. He is just trying to know some important things, not all. Besides he already knows it when he was trying to figure her secret. Only confirming things.
OvertSpitfire1 year ago
he was right to tell her that to protect her, they needed to know what she was up against. That's not being noisy for a negative reason. And honestly, if the mc believes in him, I don't see any reason not to believe in her ability to sound people out. She's wary by nature, so if she trust them, I do too.
Fluffy1 year ago
Well, while it’s true that Qi Xia is way more mysterious from our POV : gathered every heir of big clan except our mc(our mc discovered by curiousity of his anyway), that magic of his which is very powerful, that stealth skill of his even Xiu can’t detect it atm But that unconditional help he throws at mc is really sweet and makeme amazed on his perceiveness I hope he is really genuine and not someone bad 😌 Read more
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