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MoonQueen1 month ago
Ahhhhh!!!! That's way Wu Xie's Alive!!!!! My Godddd!!! (no pun intended) Read more Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!! Myy goshhhhhhhh that was a major plot reveal!!! Ok I'm good now... Show less
MoonQueen1 month ago
Genius Doctor Finished first before this. But in the timeline this should be the first novel then the sequel is Genius Doctor with a new character which is Wu Xie (mentioned multiple times here) If your read Genius Doctor welp, we all knew the ending of it. It really quite shocked the hell out of me! Read more But huhuhuhu I wish there was a third novelšŸ˜­ Show less
MoonQueen1 month ago
In the timeline I mean. I wish they were like a group then all of them were transmigrated in different world but then in the end they meet once again or stuff like that. Like the novels are linked to one another. It would be nice huhuhu And please support North Night's other novels (aside from this) : The Indomitable Matter of Elixers and, Rebirth of the Strongest Empress Read more
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